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  Flower Remedies

FLOWER REMEDIES provide emotional support during times of stress and change.  Originally discovered in the 1930’s these 38 wildflower remedies have been used worldwide with great success in relieving stress-related emotional difficulties.  These preparations are quite unique in that they are totally natural, non-toxic, have no side effects, are non-addictive, do not interfere with prescribed medications, and there is no danger of overdosing.

Flower Remedy Choices

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  Hyland's Homeopathic Single Remedies

Hyland's Single Remedies

In recent years, homeopathic medicine has been sold increasingly in combination formulas, to provide a group of remedies to alleviate a condition.  It's sometimes preferable to treat your condition with a singular constitutional remedy, usually chosen by a homeopathic practitioner. We've created the chart below to help you match your needs to a Hyland's single remedy.

Homeopathic Single Remedies

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  Arnica Gel
1.5 oz.
Trauma, Bruises, Muscle Soreness
Item #306960511540

Price $7.75 


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