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Dear Hop in for Health Valued Customers,

We hope everyone is healthy and happy and good things are happening for you everyday. 

We feel extremely blessed that the store will be celebrating 20 years in business on October 1st having opened 10-1-1995.  This is a monumental milestone that we must celebrate.  

Come join the party on 10-17-15 10-3pm. We will have:  Live Music from Boomer & A.J. Coon, FREE Chair Messages, FREE Iridology, FREE Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, FREE samples, FREE Raffles, Yummy food & drink, Our 2016 Calendars.  Hope to see you at the party on 10-17-15 10-3pm.  If you can’t make it to the party don’t worry as we will be Celebrating our 20 years for the rest of the year with lots of gifts to show our appreciation to you, Our Valued Customers

             We love you and we care about your health.  Your friends, Paul and Laura.              


We know you have many choices where you can shop for your health food store needs and we are grateful you continue to think of us at Hop in for Health.  Thank you.


New Product: 
Making Better Decisions    
            The ZYTO Compass System prioritizes your body's preferences for specific nutritional supplements. This information helps you make better decisions about which ones to purchase and use.  ZYTO's technology measures your body's responses to a specific library of nutritional products, asking your body which it prefers; this is called biocommunication. When you place your hand on the hand cradle, stimuli are sent to the body representing each individual product. The software then records your responses whether positive or negative and ranks them from highest preferred product to the lowest, and generates a report showing which products your body prefers.

            Even though there are many excellent nutritional supplements to choose from, one size does not fit all and your individual needs change from time to time. So what supplements are best for you, and what supplements do you need today?  The Compass puts you in touch with your body and helps you make those decisions. By making the right choices you're less likely to spend money on things you don't need and you're more likely to get the health benefits you're looking for.  Healthcare professionals around the world have tested hundreds of thousands of people using ZYTO biocommunication technology to help them make better choices for their patients. With the Compass you get this same advantage, decision support for better health.


UltraPure Cosmetics

     This mineral make up is completely free of all harmful ingredients. It contains no dyes, fillers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or petrochemicals.  Because it is made of minerals it is healing to your skin.  UltraPure Cosmetics is great on all skin types especially skin with acne, rosacea, and recovering from plastic surgery.  Plus, it is extremely quick and very easy to apply.


  • Monthly Flyer:  Announcing: Guest Speakers, Specials, Tasting Parties, Health Fairs, Classes, New Products, Services.  Available on our Front Counter, Website or by e-mail

  • Special orders - Free Delivery/Shipping:  If there is ever anything you need us to carry, please let us know and we can bring that in for you.  Also, we offer Free Shipping & Free Delivery!

  • Gift Certificates:  Beautifully Gift Wrapped with a FREE!!! Plush Teddy Bear.

  •  Iridology Analysis:  shows inherent weaknesses and strengths of the body as well as chronic and degenerative weaknesses.  Call for an appointment 303-452-6798.

  •  Free Muscle Testing/Kinesiology:  Helps determine which products are right for you.

  • Website offers an array of services:  Full encyclopedia on health where you can research any health questions, weekly articles on different health topics, our monthly flyer, recipes, e-mail, and information about Honey Bear Health.   www.hopinforhealth.com. Visit us on line.

  • Rewards for 2014:  10% off Coupons.  FREE GIFT CERTIFICATES!!  16 Month Calendars as our gift to you. Plus, we are available after hours for any emergency.  Call 303-489-4480.

  • Online Shopping Now Available:  You will be able to do all your shopping from your home!!!  We offer:  FREE shipping, NO minimums required.  Look for special coupons online.


Hop in for Health * 3947 A E 120th Ave * Thornton * CO * 80233 Phone: (303) 452-6798

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