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100 softgels
Vitamin D is essential for the proper formation of the skeleton and for mineral homeostasis. KAL® D-3 1000 IU is offered in easy-to-swallow softgels.
Item #021245600107

Price $8.79 

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  Niacin 500 mg
100 caps
Niacin, or Vitamin B-3, is a necessary part of the body's pathway for making energy. The body converts niacin into NADH through its complex biochemistry in order to generate ATP, an energy form that the body can use.
Item #076280043631

Price $9.59 

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90 tabs
Solaray® uses only 100% free form L-Lysine which contains no protein fragments commonly found in protein concentrates. Advanced Zinc Chelate is designed for optimum bioavailability.
Item #076280048605

Price $12.19 

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  Butcher's Broom 400 mg
100 caps
Traditionally, the herb was taken to support the circulatory system.  Butcher’s Broom contains important flavonoids (natural substances that strengthen capillary walls) such as rutin. It also contains saponins, which offer a variety of circulatory benefits.
Item #099904001350

Price $22.95 

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100 caps
L-lysine strengthens circulation and helps the immune system manufacture antibodies. It also has been used for cold sores.
Item #099904016316

Price $18.65 

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120 caps
VÄXA Buffer pH is a doctor-formulated homeopathic medicinal that naturally supports the body's ability to:  
  • Buffer an acidic pH system
  • Support proper body pH balance
  • Aid weight loss
  • Maintain normal energy balance
  • Promote cleansing and repair of tissues
  • Aid the body's ability to flush toxins
Item #704002007363

Price $33.99 

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  Gingko Smart
60 soft gels

Ginkgo Smart® Maximum Focus & Memory is a serious formula to help you keep your mental edge. It provides brain-boosting nutrients to help keep your memory keen and your mind sharp.*

Item #710363262372

Price $22.95 

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75 soft gels
Triple-Boost® Caffeine-Free Energy provides a smooth all-day stream of energy without stimulants.* It can be used daily without the burn-out that occurs with caffeinated energy products.*
Item #710363262433

Price $26.99 

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