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This is a graduated program of use and can be usually followed very comfortable by those who prefer the concentrated 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
Dilute the hydrogen peroxide in 3-5 ounces of water on arising and at bedtime.  
1stweek3 drops twice daily
2ndweek5 drops twice daily
3rdweek10 drops twice daily
4thweek15 drops twice daily
5th   thru 10thweek20 drops twice daily
11th thru 16thweek15 drops twice daily
17thweek on         10 drops twice daily

Cleansing effects: You may experience some reactions from the use of the powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent.



skin eruptions

fatigue                    nausea
diarrheaheadaches            boils
excess mucousearaches 



These are not to be considered negative.
You have three options:
Reduce dosage until comfortable
Maintain dosage until reactions are over
Discontinue usage  
Some prefer to use juice or milk instead of water, which is acceptable. Do not use carbonated beverages.
Most find a good maintenance level to be 5-15 drops per week. The drop referred to is undiluted 35% hydrogen peroxide. 
Candidiasis suffers start at a much reduced level, usually 1-2 drops a day until they get used to it.  


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