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Single Herbs - historical uses:
ALFALFA - Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland
BARBERRY - Liver and bile problems, indigestion, diarrhea
BARLEY GREENS - Energy, nutritional, increases S.O.D. to fight aging, rheumatism
BEE POLLEN - Allergies, quick energy, nature’s most perfect food, natural no-dose
BILBERRY - Strengthens capillaries, prevents retinal blindness problems, antioxidant
BLACK COHOSH - Natural estrogen, hot flashes, bronchitis, nerves
BLACK WALNUT - Cleanses parasites & worms, skin rashes, lupus, eliminates toxins
BLESSED THISTLE - Takes oxygen to brain, senility, increases mothers milk
BURDOCK - Reduce swelling and deposits in joints, blood purifier, gout, eczema
BUTCHER’S BROOM - Improves circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins
CAPSICUM - Circulation to extremities strokes, blood pressure equalizer, colds
CASCARA SAGRADA - Constipation, Increase peristaltic action, gallbladder
CAT’S CLAW - Anti-inflammatory, digestive cleanser, arthritis, Crohn’s, IBS, chemo
CATNIP - Colic, nerves, cigarette craving, colds, flu, digestion, hiccups and gas
CHAMOMILE - insomnia, improves appetite, drug withdrawal, nerves
CHARCOAL - Kidney failure (to help clean blood), intestinal gas, antidote for poison
CHICKWEED - Appetite depressant, burns fat, dissolves plaque from veins
CORNSILK - Kidney, bladder, bed wetting, painful urination, prostate
DAMIANA - Hormone balance, Parkinson’s disease, get pregnant, frigidity
DANDELION - Anemia, liver, blood cleanser, endurance, age spots, hepatitis
DEVIL’S CLAW - Relieves pain & inflammation, diuretic, arthritis, diabetes, gout
DONG QUAI - Hot flashes, hormone balance nerves, brain nourisher
ECHINACEA - Antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier/builder, immune system
EVENING PRIMROSE OIL - Aids in weight loss, reduces blood pressure, PMS, MS
EYEBRIGHT - Improve vision, eye strain, cataracts, allergies, styes
FEVERFEW - Migraine headaches, muscular tension, intestinal worms
FLAXSEED OIL - Promotes strong bones, nails & teeth, useful for arthritis & inflammation
GARLIC - Normalizes blood pressure, yeast and bacterial infections, colds
GARLIC HIGH POTENCY, ENTERIC COATED - All the benefits without the smell
GINGER - Expels gas, motion and morning sickness, flu, diarrhea, settles stomach
GINSENG Energy, stress, endurance, depression, impotency/stimulant
GOLDENSEAL - Infection, natural insulin, cleanses urinary system
GOTU KOLA - Brain food, memory, learning disabilities, vitality, depression senility
GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT - Anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, Candida
HAWTHORN - Heat, hardening of the arteries, adrenals, stress, blood pressure
HOPS - Insomnia, nervousness, decreases desire for alcohol, hyperactive children
HORSETAIL - Stops hair from falling out, stops spilt ends, nails, tumors
HYDRANGEA - Arthritis, gout, kidney and bladder problems, dissolves stones
JUNIPER BERRIES - Restores pancreas and adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric add
KELP - Thyroid, fingernails, goiter, helps take fat off hips, complexion
LICORICE - Adjusts blood sugar, quick energy, cough, hoarseness, adrenals
LOBELIA - Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, strong relaxant, pleurisy, lungs
MARSHMALLOW - Bladder and kidney problems, bed wetting, Inflammation
MILK THISTLE - Cleanses & protects liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis, kidney problems
MULLEIN - Nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion, T.B., lymphatic

OLIVE LEAF - Fights bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites, may help prevent colds & flu
PARSLEY - Bad breath, blood builder, high in potassium, kidneys, diuretic
PARTHENIUM - Anabolic, Lymph/blood purifier, similar to echinacea, immune system
PASSION FLOWER - Eye infection and tension, stress, sleep, hyperactive children
PAU D’ ARCO - Historically used for cancer, leukemia, tumors, yeast infection
PSYLLIUM HULLS - Scrubs colon, best fiber, diverticulitis, colon blockage
RED CLOVER - Cancer, tumors, skin problems, relaxes nerves, spasms
RED RASPBERRY - The pregnancy herb, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis
ROSE HIPS - Natural vitamin C complex, colds, Infections, blood purifier, flu
SAFFLOWERS - Gout, hydrochloric add for digestion, reduces cholesterol
SAGE - Stimulates hair growth, Improves memory, sore gums and throat, nerves
SARSAPARILLA - Testosterone, body building, impotency, hair growth
SAW PALMETTO - Men: shrinks prostate, Women: Builds larger breasts
SLIPPERY ELM - Acid stomach, digestion, diaper rash, hiatal hernia, ulcers

TUMERIC - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibiotic, arthritis, cancer, joint pain
UVA URSI - Spleen, bladder and kidney infections, diabetes, gonorrhea, cystitis
VALERIAN - Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promotes sleep
WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids & bleeding, varicose veins, pyorrhea, pin worms
WHITE WILLOW BARK - Pain killer, headaches, fever & chills, inflammation

WORMWOOD - Expels worms/parasites, constipation, stomach & liver problems
- Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, cold/fever/flu
YELLOW DOCK - Anemia, blood purifier, flyer, skin problems, hepatitis
YUCCA - Natural cortisone, arthritis, reduces joint inflammation, skin problems

 Herbal Combinations - historical uses: 
These herb food formulas are composed of two or more herbs to aid a certain system. All symptoms(as reported by doctors) should be considered nutritional deficiencies of the mentioned system.

ALJ - Lung and sinus congestion, allergies, cough, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM
ALL CELL DETOX - General cleanser, Cleanses toxins from ALL SYSTEMS
ANTI GAS FORMULA - Gas indigestion and bloating formula, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM
APS II - Herbal aspirin, pain, muscle relaxant, headaches, neck pain, tension, NERVOUS
ARTEMISIA - Digestion, cramps & parasites, COLON
BONE/SKIN POULTICE - Bone healer, wound healer, poultice, SKELETAL
BP-X - Blood purifier, poison ivy/oak, acne, psoriasis, skin problems, CIRCULATORY
BRONCHIAL FORMULA - Supports bronchial function, reduces irritation RESPIRATORY
CA - Calcium for building nerve sheaths, veins, bones, teeth, cartilage, SKELETAL
CAPSICUM/GARLIC/PARSLEY - High blood pressure, cholesterol, CIRCULATORY
COLD SNAP - Twenty Chinese herbs to ‘Restore Righteous Chi’ IMMUNE
COX-2 CONTROL - 8 hr. timed release formula for pain relief, joints, arthritis SKELETAL
CC-A - Cold, flu, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, IMMUNE
CLT-X - Colitis, irritable colon, indigestion, diarrhea, INTESTINAL SYSTEM
CRANBERRY/BUCHU - Nourishes urinary tract, URINARY
C-X - Natural hormone replacement & balancing, menopause, hot flashes, GLANDULAR
DAILY DETOX - Detoxifies the body for better overall health ALL SYSTEMS
DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - Supports proper digestion, absorption of nutrients DIGESTIVE
E-TEA - Herbs historically used for cancer, tumors and fibroids
ENERG-V - A synergistic combination of all the herbs for ENERGY
EW - Eye infection, improves vision, cataracts (make eye wash), glaucoma, EYES
FEMALE COMFORT - Menstrual problems, cramps, uterus, GLANDULAR SYSTEM
FENUGREEK & THYME Sinus/migraine headaches, dissolves mucus, RESPIRATORY
FLOR-ESSENCE - Historically used for cancer & tumors, gentle detoxifier
FLOWER REMEDIES - Support a healthy emotional state
FOUR - Asthma, bronchial and food allergies, laryngitis, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM
FV - Flu, headaches, vomiting, nausea, motion sickness, IMMUNE SYSTEM
GALL BLADDER FORM. - Gas, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, dizziness DIGESTIVE
GGC - Energy and endurance, relieves depression, improves memory, BUILDER
GINKGO/GOTU KOLA CONC. - Attention span, memory, brain food, mental energy
GINKGO/HAWTHORN - Brain, heart, ringing in ears, vertigo, CIRCULATORY
HERBAL PUMPKIN - Parasites, tumors, cleanses blood vessels, helps INTESTINAL
HERBAL SLEEP - Promotes natural sleep, relaxant, stress, muscle tension, NERVOUS
HS II - Strengthens & feeds the heart, cleanses blood vessels, helps CIRCULATORY
HY-A - Hypoglycemia, adrenal re-builder, energy, mood sugar swings, GLANDULAR
l-X - Aids iron absorption, anemia, fatigue, styes, BUILDER
IN-X - General infection fever, flu, sore throat, tonsillitis, IMMUNE
INTESTINAL SOOTHE & BUILD - Colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain INTESTINAL
JOINT SUPPORT - Arthritis, joint stiffness, bursitis, gout, SKELETAL SYSTEM
JP-X - Kidney and bladder Infection, strengthen & cleanse kidney/bladder, URINARY
KIDNEY ACTIVATOR - Bladder and kidney problems, bed wetting, strengthens URINARY
LBS II - Stool softener, constipation, bed breath, cleanses INTESTINAL SYSTEM
LIVER CLEANSE FORMULA - Blood detox cleans and strengthens gall bladder, spleen
LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE - Natural antibiotic, infection fighter
MARSHMALLOW & FENUGREEK - Expels lung mucus, emphysema, RESPIRATORY
NERVE CONTROL - Anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervous breakdown, stress, NERVOUS
PRO-PANCREASE - Blood sugar problems diabetes, rebuilds and strengthens, PANCREAS
PAPAYA-MINT - Indigestion, gas, heartburn, enzymes for DIGESTIVE SYSTEM
PLS II - Bone knitter, internal & external wounds, ulcer, hiatal hernia, ALL SYSTEMS
- Prostate problems (Alt. with P-X), problems of URINARY SYSTEM
SENNA COMBINATION - Chronic constipation, stubborn bowels, INTESTINAL
SINUS SUPPORT - Sinus problems, natural antihistamines, allergies, upper RESPIRATORY
SMALL INTESTINE DETOX - Cleans intestines for better food absorption, INTESTINAL
STRESS-J - Stress, spastic colon, nervous stomach, ulcer prevention, NERVOUS SYSTEM
- Reduces nervous tension, anxiety, stress, restores, NERVOUS SYSTEM
SUMA - Adapts to individual needs, stress, energy, IMMUNE
THIM-J - Strengthens thymus (reverses tumors, Epstein Barr, exhaustion) IMMUNE
THYROID ACTIVATOR - Boost metabolism, increase energy, weight loss GLANDULAR
TRIPLE RELIEF - Natural COX-2 inhibition properties, relieves muscle pain STRUCTURAL
TS II with HOPS - Regulate, thyroid (over active & under active), GLANDULAR
U - Ulcer healer, (slippery elm to soothe); canker sores, DIGESTIVE
ULTIMATE CLEANSE - Removes toxins from the body and cleanses the digestive tract
WELLNESS FORMULA - Supports immune function, fights colds & flus IMMUNE
WILD YAM/CHASTE TREE - Balance female glandular system, GLANDULAR
X-A - Sex rejuvenator and stimulant, hormone balance (male, and female), GLANDULAR
How’s Your Love Life? - historical uses:
ASHWAGANDHA - Increases physical endurance & improves sexual function
DAMIANA - Frigidity, get pregnant (with X-A and Vitamin E), hormone balance
ELEUTHERO - impotency (with X-A, Zinc, and Vitamin E) hormone balance
HOT PLANTS FOR HIM & HER - Increase libido, sexual performance & satisfaction
TRIBULUS - Improve sex drive, stimulates & balances hormones (male & female)
X-ACTION - (with Vitamin E) Sex rejuvenator, stimulant (male and female)
YOHIMBE - Aphrodisiac, impotency, increases circulation
Herbs for Expectant Moms - historical uses
ALFALFA - Makes an abundance of milk for baby 
ANTI GAS FORMULA - Gas, indigestion, belching, nausea 
BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE - Candida and yeast infection
BLESSED THISTLE - increases mothers’ milk
BUTCHER’S BROOM - With WHITE OAK BARK for hemorrhoids, varicose veins
FIVE-W - 5 weeks before, delivery to tone uterus, give elasticity to birth canal
HS II - Circulation, high or low blood pressure, used with KIDNEY ACTIVATOR for edema
l-X - Build healthy blood, anemia
KELP - Essential during pregnancy, abundance of needed minerals
KIDNEY ACTIVATOR - Food for the urinary system, combined with HS II for edema
LBS II - Used with Psyllium to help constipation, non-habit forming
LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL  Toxemia, energy during labor (w/HS II & Vit. E)
LOBELIA ESSENCE EXTRACT - 2 fl. oz., False labor, add CATNIP
LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE-HY - Faster healing of episiotomies (internally and sitz baths)
PAPAYA MINT CHEWABLE TABLETS - Heartburn, breath mint, delicious
PSYLLIUM HULLS - Provides bulk to soften stools, absorb toxins, use with LBS II
RED RASPBERRY - The pregnancy herb, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis
SKELETAL STRENGTH - Builds strong bones, teeth, insomnia
SPIRULINA - High in protein
WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, with BUTCHER’S BROOM
VITAMIN E - Stretch marks
Kids & Babies like Herbs Too! historic uses:
ANTIOXIDANTS W/GRAPINE - Free radical damage, cancer
BIFIDOPHILUS FOR KIDS - Restores friendly bacteria after antibiotics
CALM CHILD - Hyperactivity (sugar, dairy, food coloring & preservatives attribute)
CATNIP & FENNEL - colic, gas, fever
CBG or LOBELIA - Earache, congestion
ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL - Natural antibiotic, lymph, immune, blood builder
ELDERBERRY PLUS - Support immune & respiratory system
GINKO/GOTU KOLA - Learning disabilities due to attention deficit disorder
LB EXTRACT - Constipation
PAU D’ARCO LOTION - Diaper rash
VSC LIQUID - Build immune system
YUMMI BEARS - Multivitamins, whole foods, echinacea in yummy bear chews
Herbs for Pets - historical uses:
ANTI GAS FORM.-C - Relieves, gas, bloating, indigestion, obesity, poor circulation
ALJ - 2 fl. oz. - Support respiratory system, also help for people allergic to cats!
BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT - 2 fl. oz. - Kill and expel worms, fungal infections
CASCARA SAGRADA - Relieves constipation, improves digestion
CBG ETRACT - 2 fl. oz. - ear infections, 2 to 3 X’s daily until problem clears
CORNSILK - Soothe, kidney/bladder, inflammation, incontinence
ECHINACEA - Stimulate the immune system to keep your pet healthy 
EW -
Eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, improving vision
- Natural anabolic repels fleas
(combine with HERBAL TRACE MIN)
HAWTHORN BERRIES EXTRACT - 2 fl. oz. - Feed heart, a must with foamy drool
HERBAL CA - Strengthen structural system, help broken bones knit
HERBAL TRACE MINERALS - Kill fleas (with GARLIC OIL) shinny coat, 
full of trace minerals
JOINT SUPPORT - Promote agility, relieve joint stiffness and pain
PAU D’ ARCO - Tumors, polyps, pain, fungus, warts, weakened immune
RESCUE REMEDY - Calming, used before clipping nails or going to groomer
SLIPPERY ELM - diarrhea, soothes inflamed mucous membranes
TEA TREE OIL - Anti-fungal added to bath water regularly to kill fleas
YELLOW DOCK - Ear mites, made into a tea, ear swabbed

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