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The 38 Flower Preparations Discoveredby Dr. Edward Bach
Guide to Parenting
Traditional Flower Remedies from Ellon Calming Essence

Having and raising a child in today’s world can be a challenging and rewarding experience. From pregnancy through your child's teenage years, there are times when you will desire gentle emotional stress relief. 

Traditional Flower Remedies from Ellon & Calming Essence may be helpful during pregnancy when responsibilities and physical changes must be coped with. They can also be helpful in reducing feelings of fear and panic often experienced during labor and delivery. 

Which remedies should be utilized changes as a child grows and develops. There are constantly new situations with which you must deal. Many parents have used the remedies with their children, and have found them most useful during the difficult teenage years. We have prepared this guide to assist coping with life's demands.

Practical Uses of
Traditional Flower Remedies from Ellon in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Although pregnancy as a condition is common to many women, the experience itself can be entirely personal. Regardless of whether the pregnancy and delivery are joyous, fearful, or "routine", the mother-to-be is subjected in varying degrees to trauma and change, both physiologically and emotionally. These preparations have been a tremendous help to pregnant women in overcoming their emotional suffering and apprehension for both pre- and post- natal periods.
These preparations are quite unique in that they are totally natural, non-toxic, have no side effects, are non-addictive, do not interfere with prescribed medications, and there is no danger of overdosing. The philosophy behind the development of these preparations is to deal with stress in a harmonious and gentle manner.
Crab Apple is suggested for any feelings of negative body image as one's size steadily increases. It helps to bring a feeling of self acceptance. Also can be helpful if there are feelings of disgust towards nursing or changing diapers.
Elm is suggested for feelings of being overwhelmed by responsibilities of impending motherhood or if the new duties seem enormous.
Hornbeam is used for physical weariness and mental fatigue. It is also good for feelings that emotional or physical strength is needed to accomplish any task.
Olive is for extreme exhaustion.  Olive is often suggested to assist in the restoration of the system after delivery.Impatiens is for irritability and nervousness... for impatience, especially during the final months, when it feels like the delivery date will never come.
Larch is taken for feelings of inadequacy towards the approaching new duties of Mothering. Good for new mothers in bringing feelings of confidence.
Pine is for any feelings of guilt surrounding the pregnancy.
Mimulus is the remedy for known fears concerning the pregnancy.  For fears of illness, the welfare of the baby, and the birth process itself.
Mustard is for feelings of despair and melancholia that come suddenly for no apparent reason and lift on their own accord. It has been reported helpful in post-partum depression.
Aspen is for feelings of anxiety and vague unknown fears. It is used for feelings of foreboding that something bad will happen.
Red Chestnut is for over-concern, fear and worry over the fetus' condition. It is good for over-concerned, doting husbands. If thoughts of concern become persistent and are constantly present, White Chestnut is also indicated.
Scleranthus is used in the beginning of pregnancy when you question whether the pregnancy should be terminated or not; for feelings of indecision. It is suggested for hormonal unbalances, mood swings, morning sickness.
Walnut is used for the stress of transition and change. Good for readjusting schedules after delivery for both new parents.
Willow deals with feelings of resentment of the pregnancy and is helpful for mother or father when the pregnancy is unplanned. Sibling rivalry or jealousy is helped with remedy Holly. It is also good for new fathers who are jealous of the attention the infant is receiving from their spouse.
The Remedies and Your Child
As a child grows, his remedy needs vary. The following information outlines various emotions and circumstances which may come up along the way. It is by no means a definitive listing. Remedies may be chosen for children of all ages by carefully evaluating each Remedy description and applying it to the present circumstances.
Learning Difficulties
Chestnut Bud is used for children who make the same mistakes over and over both in school work and in life. They take longer than others to grasp the lessons presented to them.
Larch is for children who feel they are not as good or as talented and are constantly comparing themselves to others. They lack confidence and often make no attempt because they anticipate failure.
Clematis children are daydreamers with short attention spans. Their learning difficulties tend to stem from the fact that they are "somewhere else' in terms of their concentration.
Wild Rose children lack motivation and initiative for no apparent reason.
White Chestnut is for children who find that their concentration is hampered by persistent thoughts. Unlike the Clematis children who have an active fantasy life and sometimes even use their thoughts as an escape from the world, the thoughts of the White Chestnut child tend to circle around and around, and are persistent, unwanted thoughts.
Gentian is used for those times when a child becomes discouraged and gives up too easily.
The Trauma of Divorce
Star of Bethlehem is for the trauma associated with divorce.
Walnut is used for the major transition and adjustment period. It also acts to protect the child from the negative influences coming from outside the family or from one of the parents.
Scleranthus is indicated if the child has feelings of being pulled emotionally between the 2 parents. Walnut will also aid in this.
Pine is if the child blames himself/herself for the divorce.
Willow is for the times when a child feels bitter about the divorce and/or has feelings that the situation is unfair.
Holly if the child has developed a hatred for a parent.
Elm for feeling overburdened by added chores and responsibilities from living in a single parent household.
Honeysuckle if the child continuously reminisces about the time when both parents were together. They may feel that there will not be a period of happiness for the family that will equal the past.
Hyperactive Children
Vervain for high strung children with tremendous reserves of energy. These children exhaust themselves by overdoing and overextending energy and effort. They have a tendency to get wound up.
Impatiens for children who get irritable very easily and have a tendency to talk and move quickly. Fidgety children who can't keep still and are short tempered.
Walnut and Crab Apple are very good for hyperactivity stemming from food or environmental causes. Walnut is good for oversensitive children who are physically sensitive to substances as well as manifestations of emotional sensitivity. Crab Apple is known as the cleansing essence.
Calming Essence™ helps to calm hyperactive children. One of Calming Essence's component essences, Cherry Plum, taken separately, is very good for children who seem to have no control over their behavior. Calming Essence also contains the aforementioned Impatiens.
The "Only Child" Syndrome
Water Violet for those who prefer to be alone, who are able to amuse themselves at play and prefer to play alone. These children have difficulty interacting with others and can appear to be aloof and snobbish.
Clematis for the children who spend a great deal of time and energy living in daydreams and fantasies. They have an active fantasy life and imaginary playmates. When out of balance, they will not face the real world.
Sleeping Problems
Rock Rose for nightmares and Mimulus and/or Aspen for fear of the dark.
Chicory if sleeping problems are used to manipulate the parent or to sleep with the parent(s).
White Chestnut if insomnia occurs from persistent thoughts.
Vervain for sleeplessness due to great surges of energy. For the wound up child.
Walnut for a feeling of security and protection.
Calming Essence for a feeling of calm.
Parents may find it helpful to add several drops of any of the appropriate remedies to a spray atomizer, spraying the child's room before sleep and while the child is asleep. The remedies can also be added to a humidifier.
A Guide to the Teenage Years
There is no more emotionally volatile period in life than the teenage years. Today's teens are living in a world that makes a difficult period of life potentially devastating. Traditional Flower Remedies from Ellon ™can be a great benefit for the tumultuous teen years.
Walnut for stabilizing the emotions during this period of transition. It aids the teen in adjusting to the physical and psychological changes of puberty. In addition, Walnut acts to protect from the influences of peer pressure and negative influences from society (e.g. media, entertainment, drugs, sexual influences, etc.)
Scleranthus for erratic mood swings as well as imbalances that are common during this time.
Cherry Plum for helping the teen who feels out of control, especially if there is the urge to something known to be wrong, yet the teen feels as if he/she has no control over the impulse and/or action.
Depression and Despair
Mustard for depression and funks that come and go for no apparent reason.
Gorse for those end of the world, hopeless feelings.
Gentian for discouragement and depression from a known cause.
Drug Abuse
These remedies are not meant as a substitute for professional counseling and guidance. The following remedies have proven effective in balancing possible emotional states and personality characteristics that may lead to drug abuse.
Agrimony for teens who do not communicate their feelings, and turn to drugs or alcohol to cope.
Cherry Plum for substance abuse that has entered into physical or psychological dependency. When the teen knows the action is wrong, but has no self control.
Walnut can be used for substance abuse that stems from peer pressure.
Clematis for continuous daydreaming and fantasizing.
White Chestnut can be used if thoughts become constant and will not go away. For obsessions.
Chicory for smothering the object of desire with over-affection, being possessive and controlling toward love interest. For coming on strong.
Choices for the Future
Wild Oat for those feelings in later adolescence when the teenager does not know what he/she wants to do in the future. When the teen feels a crossroad and has many decisions and options as to where to go in life.
Scleranthus and Wild Oat are also helpful if the teen has difficulty choosing between two things.
Cerato if he/she does not trust his own judgment and asks others to the point of further confusion.
Walnut for that period just after making an important life decision when the teen feels that he/she is in the midst of a transition.
Eating Disorders
Cherry Plum for binges and when actions are uncontrollable.
Agrimony for when the teen is using food to stifle emotions or for comfort. When the teen is keeping an exterior that all is well, a cheerful facade when underneath are negative emotions.
Crab Apple for negative body image, and for cleansing.
Pine is used for feelings of guilt. In cases of anorexia or bulimia, helps when there is a need for perfection and control over oneself.
Rock Water for placing an over demanding diet or exercise schedule upon oneself.
Walnut for protection from society's ideal of beauty and physical perfection.
Growing Up
Hornbeam for fatigue, for feeling "blah". . . bored. If a teenager has no interest in studies or activities. If the teen feels that he/she needs to be strengthened emotionally or physically before completing a task.
Olive for when there is complete exhaustion.
Vervain for the go-getter. For the teenager whose life is crammed full with activities; always on the go; who has a tendency to be very high strung, to over-achieve and perhaps when out of balance, overbearing.
Elm for the teen who feels overwhelmed with activities or studies.
Crab Apple for feelings of disgust towards the body; for feeling fat/skinny; for believing that something about oneself is unclean; for negative reactions towards pimples and acne; for those periods of early adolescence when the teen feels awkward and uncomfortable about the changes in his/her body. These remedies are not selected according to physical malady, however Crab Apple is generally considered the remedy related to cleansing and purifying, on a physical level.
Larch can be taken if the teen is shy and lacking in confidence; always comparing oneself with others and feeling that they are missing the mark. The Larch teen will many times not make the effort because they anticipate failure.
Pine for the need to be perfect, especially in schoolwork. Having a tendency to be hard on themselves.
The Flower Preparations of Dr. Edward Bach
Parents often need assistance in assessing their own, as well as the remedy needs of their children. The following is a general reference to situations and feelings often facing the parent in dealing with children in the home environment.
Vine is used when your word must be regarded as "law," and child's opposition is met with strict authoritarian discipline.
Red Chestnut when your over concern and worry for your child's health and safety each time they venture out, takes up the better part of your time.
Pine when you blame yourself for your child's mistakes, or are unduly hard on yourself for his or her failures, always thinking that you could do a better job. For feelings of guilt. For never living up to expectations of being "Super Mom." For feelings of reproach of not being a "good parent."
Willow when you begin to resent your spouse or children.   For home circumstances you may feel are unfair, such as taking care of the kids while your husband is out bowling, or having the baby wake you up at 3 a.m. to change the diaper. Any feelings of resentment towards the sacrifices necessary when parenting.
Gentian for those times you have become discouraged; when you've tried your best but something hindered or blocked your way.
Oak for the "Super Mom" who does it all and then some. Despite hardships or fatigue will carry on with little concern for herself, quietly and with determination completing one task after another. The Oak parent is the strong member of the family who holds the family together and is the support of the others. Oak aids in the stress of being a single parent, of doing everything, being both Mom and Dad.
Beech is indicated when one becomes overly critical towards the children (or spouse) and is easily upset, especially by their small idiosyncrasies.
Wild Rose when you give up the fight and have become apathetic and indifferent to the needs of those close to you as well as your own needs.
Centaury for not knowing how to say "no." Your desire to serve those close to you often extends your resources, and you become more of a slave than a willing helper. In addition to Centaury, Willow may be needed if you are resentful toward the situation or those that you perceive are responsible for it.
Chicory for over concern and possessiveness towards the children, always wanting them near you. For feelings that only you know what is best for them. Constantly feeling the need to correct them and to guide them from the largest to the smallest details of their lives.
Clematis when the tendency to daydream and "space out' becomes strong. When you find that that you miss what has been said because your head is "in the clouds".
Hornbeam if you become tired and fatigued, but are still able to complete your tasks. When you don't want to get out of bed in the morning and you get tired just thinking about your chores. For feeling that some part of you needs to be strengthened in order to complete the tasks at hand.
Elm is work and tasks become overwhelming. For feelings of despair over the enormity of mothering/parenting and its responsibilities. For being overburdened, especially for a single parent. For those times when household chores become so great that the task seems beyond the capacity of one person to perform.
Crab Apple for over concern for cleanliness. For not allowing children to sit or touch furniture without plastic covers. Constantly picking up after them. Making sure their hands, face, and clothes are immediately washed all the time. Spending an undue amount of time cleaning.
Water Violet when you find yourself aloof from it all, needing to spend a lot of time alone, away from your family.
Impatiens when time seems short and your child seems to be moving too slowly. When you find yourself rushing others or organizing and completing tasks that they should be doing themselves because you can do it faster and better. When you find yourself getting irritable very easily and/or finding yourself snapping at others or saying something based on irritability that you wish you hadn't.
Cherry Plum for those who fear losing control of their temper or who do lose their temper easily. For "taking it out" on the child. For the "last straw" feeling.
Larch for feeling inadequate and lacking confidence. Particularly good for mothers.
Walnut is good for new parents, for the major changes after having a baby. For older parents, Walnut is an excellent remedy to cope with the transition of children "leaving the nest".
Wild Oat for feelings of dissatisfaction with one's role as mother/parent, for feeling as if life is passing you by. Willow should be used if feelings are strong to the point of bitterness. 
Pregnancy, Childbirth & Child Rearing
Calming Essence™ can be helpful to pregnant women in overcoming those emotional states so common in pre- and post­natal periods. Totally natural and non-toxic, neither Calming Essence™ liquid and cream will interfere with prescribed medications.
Calming Essence™... for overcoming Irritability, Nervousness
and General Stress
Use this combination formula for either emergency stress, or those day-to-day upsets. Recommended for delivery- good for moments of panic and fear during labor. By neutralizing the mother's negative thoughts and feelings, the baby's natural equilibrium is helped to be maintained. Calming Essence™ Cream is excellent for external uses, such as helping to soothe sore breasts and tender nipples. After delivery, it can prove to be a comfort to the baby and can be massaged on the newborn
Calming Essence and Children
Calming Essence™ may be chosen for children of all ages. They respond well to it, often more quickly than adults. The process of growing up can be hard. Calming Essence™ can be a gentle helper. It has often been used in the following situations.. .
Temper Tantrums           Fear            Nightmares
Trauma of Divorce          Teething
There is a wide range of uses for Calming Essence™ Cream in caring for children and infants. It has often been used effectively for the treatment of diaper rash. It has also been used effectively with burns, rashes, abrasions, irritations, etc. A wider range of uses for the cream has been discussed in the literature.
Preparing and Using the remedies
All thirty- eight remedies come in liquid concentrate form and may be taken safely this way when needed, two to four drops directly from the bottle, under the tongue. Those who are alcohol-sensitive may wish to dilute the concentrate. Persistent conditions and those conditions requiring medical attention should be referred to a physician.
How to Dilute The Preparations
For immediate stressful situations, a few drops of the remedies may be put in a quarter to a half glass of juice or spring water or filtered water (do not use distilled water or carbonated water) and sipped at intervals until improvement is felt. For more long term distress, start by filling a one ounce empty dropper bottle with pure spring water or filtered water. Add two drops from each of the chosen remedies (4 drops of Calming Essence™) and a teaspoon of brandy or apple cider vinegar as a preservative. This is your personal formula and is to be taken four drops under the tongue at least four times per day. In particularly stressful situations, the formula may be taken every half hour.
It is suggested that no more than six to eight remedies be taken at a time. Directions are the same for adults and babies. In addition, drops may be added to a little milk, and in the case of bottle-fed babies, added to the contents of the bottle. When mother is still feeding the baby, she may take the remedies as well, but in taking a remedy for the child's benefit, the effect will not be imparted through her milk until two feeds later.
To maximize shelf life, keep all remedies tightly sealed, out of direct sunlight, away from extreme temperatures, and avoid airport x-ray equipment. Keep the dropper tip from touching your mouth or any other surface area. Although we consider these products extremely safe, it is recommended that women consult with their own physician or midwife before taking any therapeutic agent. 

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