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FLOWER REMEDIES provide emotional support during times of stress and change.  Originally discovered in the 1930’s these 38 wildflower remedies have been used worldwide with great success in relieving stress-related emotional difficulties.  These preparations are quite unique in that they are totally natural, non-toxic, have no side effects, are non-addictive, do not interfere with prescribed medications, and there is no danger of overdosing.
            These preparations have been a significant help to pregnant women in overcoming their emotional suffering and apprehension for both pre- and post-natal periods: including feelings of; negative body image, physical weariness & mental fatigue, extreme exhaustion, feelings of inadequacy, guilt, despair & melancholia, anxiety & vague unknown fears, mood swings, morning sickness, sleeplessness, and the stress of transition & change.
            Flower Essences can also help your child and teenager cope with the stresses of growing up.  These include: learning difficulties, the trauma of divorce, hyperactivity, the “only child” syndrome, sleeping problems, nightmares, mood swings, the physical & psychological changes of puberty, depression, drug abuse, romantic crushes, fear of the future, eating disorders and negative body image.
AGRIMONY: Mental anguish behind a ‘brave face”
ASPEN: Vague unknown fears. Anxiety & apprehension.
BEECH: Critical & intolerant of others.
CENTAURY: Unable to say “no”. Easily imposed on.
CERATO: Unable to make decisions without advice from
CHERRY PLUM: Fear losing control of thoughts & actions.
CHESTNUT BUD: Needs to learn by experience; repeats same mistakes over & over.
CHICORY: Always knows just what’s “right” for others. 
CLEMATIS: Dreamy, absentminded, and lack of attention & concentration.
CRAB APPLE: Poor physical self-image. Feelings of shame
and uncleanness.
ELM: Temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by
GENTIAN: Easily discouraged, often with self-doubt.
GORSE: Hopelessness & despair
HEATHER: Obsessed with own troubles; over-talkative,
unhappy when alone.
HOLLY: Suspicious, envious, vengeful; those who hate.
HONEYSUCKLE: Dwells in the past—of what was—and could have been.
HORNBEAM: Tiredness & fatigue; gets things done, but
feels need to be strengthened.
IMPATIENS: Impatient, fast paced, irritable.
LARCH: Lack of self-confidence, anticipates failure.
MIMULUS: Fear of known things — heights, the dark, being
alone, etc.
MUSTARD: Deep gloom, which comes and goes. Melancholia.
OAK: Workaholic. Nose to grindstone syndrome, can neglect own, & needs of those close.
OLIVE: Complete exhaustion; weariness.
PINE: Dissatisfied with own accomplishments; feelings of
guilt. Perfectionist.
RED CHESTNUT: Over-concern & worry for others, fearing
the worst may happen.
ROCK ROSE: Terror, extreme fright & panic. Nightmares.
ROCK WATER: Overly rigid, strict adherence to a particular belief or lifestyle.
SCLERANTHUS: Indecisiveness, forever in between
STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Past traumas not fully recovered from.
SWEET CHESTNUT: Extreme anguish; having reached the limits of one’s endurance.
VERVAIN: “Must always be right.” High-strung philosopher
easily incensed by injustices.
VINE: Natural leaders; in extreme can be dominating &
WALNUT: Stabilizes during periods of transition; eases process of letting go and beginning anew.
WATER VIOLET: Loners, proud & aloof; result, difficulty
developing close relationships.
WHITE CHESTNUT: Persistent unwanted thoughts, mental chatter & associated sleeplessness.
WILD OAT: Dissatisfied with career but undecided what else
to do; feeling that life is passing by.
WILD ROSE: Resigned to circumstances; indifferent & apathetic.
WILOW: Resentment & bitterness at having been treated unfairly. 
CALMING ESSENCE®:  “The Natural Stress RelievingFormula”.  Gentle, calming and stabilizing in a wide range of stressful situations.  The traditional blend of Rock Rose,Impatiens, Clematis, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem combine to form an amazing flower remedy that can help set you back on the road to inner-peace and emotional balance.  It has been very useful in tense situations such as public speaking, job interviews, traffic jams, during moments of panic or fear, grief or tragedy, for hyperactivity and temper tantrums.

CALMING ESSENCE® CREAM:  Relief of pain and swelling due to minor burns, cuts, bruises, skin irritations, insect bites, acute muscle stiffness, and applied to temples for simple tension headache.


To maximize shelf life, keep all remedies tightly sealed, out of direct sunlight, away from heat, and out of airport X-ray machines. Keep the dropper tip from touching your mouth or other surfaces.
Though the alcohol volume, 27% (brandy made from grapes), is
extremely minuscule, if you are alcohol sensitive, you may wish to dilute the concentrate before taking it. Adding this to hot water will dissipate the alcohol without reducing effectiveness. Or, the concentrate can be applied directly to the temples, wrists, behind the ears, or under the arms. This can also be an effective way of administering to children.

Persistent conditions and those conditions requiring medical attention should be referred immediately to a physician!

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