List of Conditions Treated with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide

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List of Conditions Treated with the use of

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide-H202


As published in

The One-Minute Cure

by Madison Cavanaugh



Cholesterol (High)GingivitisOpen sores and wounds
AcneChronic PainGum DiseaseParasitic infections
AllergiesCirrhosis of the liverHeadachesParkinson's Disease
Altitude SicknessCluster headachesHepatitisPeriodontal Disease
Alzheimer's DiseaseColitisHerpesProctitis
AnemiaCOPDHerpes SimplexProstatitis
AnginaCystitisHerpes ZosterRheumatoid Arthritis
ArrhythmiaDiabetes Type IIHIV InfectionShingles
ArteriosclerosisDiabetic GangreneInfluenzaSinusitis
ArthritisDiabetic RetinopathyInsect bitesSore Throat
AsthmaDigestion ProblemsLeg ulcersTemporal Arteritis
Bacterial InfectionsEczemaLeukemiaTrichomoniasis
BronchitisEmphysemaLupus ErythematosisUlcers
BurnsEpstein-Barr infectionLymphomaVascular Diseases
CancerFood allergiesMetastatic CarcinomaVascular headaches
CandidiasisFungal infectionsMigraine headachesViral infections
Cardiovascular DiseaseFungusMononucleosisWarts
Cerebral Vase. DiseaseGangreneMultiple SclerosisYeast infection


Bacteria and Fungi Also Treated


Actinobacillus actino-mycetermoncomitans

Candida albicans Legionella pneumophila Salmonella typhi 
Aspergillus fumigates Coccidioides Mucroraceae Salmonella typhimurium 
Bacillus cereus Coccidioides immitis Mycobacterium leprae Sporothrix 
Bacteroides Escherichia coli Neisseria gonorrhoeae Staphylococcus aureus 
Blastomyces Group B streptococci Paraoccidioides Treponema pallidum 
Campylobacter jejuniHistoplasma capsulatumPseudomonas aeruginosa 



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